(21 Day Challenge)

Lose weight, get stronger, WIN MONEY!  #21DaysLater is designed to reprogram your habits around fitness and nutrition while plugging you into a supportive community.  Each challenge has a cash prize for best transformation!


What happens when you put extreme discipline and focused hard work into pushing your mind, body, and soul to the absolute limit for 90 consecutive days? Let’s see if you have what it takes…

E.A.T. w/Dubblup

E.A.T. (Elite Athletic Training) w/Dubblup is your chance to experience our unique and highly effective method of physical training and nutritional coaching in a 1-on-1, Group, or Online setting.


Would you like to book Dubblup to speak at your next event as a keynote, panelist, or guest on your podcast?  Dubblup is a dynamic personality with an energetic presence that commands an audience with a personal story that inspires.  Available to speak on a variety of topics.

"I'm grateful to have connected with Curtis and have his support on my brand development and TEDx talk.
I found the process Curtis used to be engaging, fun, and most importantly effective. He helped me see different sides of me personally and reflect that individuality through my brand messaging in an authentic way."

-Melissa Drake
"I look up to Dubblup as a leader in the entrepreneurial space.
You gave me words of encouragement and made me see myself as a leader when I was doubting myself."

-David Wheeler
"His ability to catch vision and articulate what I can see in my mind and heart is his soul's gift
Thank you Curtis for your patience and tenacity because of our partnership my dream is now possible on another level that didn’t exist before working with you. You've brought rhythm and harmony to the communication of this project!"

-Brooke Love
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