My name is Curtis, and I am living proof that anything is possible.

I go by the name of Dubblup.

It was a name given to me during my days as a rapper/dope dealer, but I’ve turned into a lifestyle.

Because of choices that I’ve made…
Because of how I look…
Because of who I am…

I know for a fact that I have to work twice as hard as everyone else for regular shit.

And I hate regular shit, so I know I gotta work even harder!
I’m good with that.

I have a HUGE vision that I AM bringing to life.

I believe we are in the middle of a new wave…

A movement that embraces personal culture and individuality.
A movement that encourages free thought and thrives off innovation.
A movement that empowers men and women of color to become financially literate.
A movement that leverages personal brands and the reach social media to create more wealthy men and women of color than history has ever seen!

I believe we are ALL capable of making an impact.

Building a legacy.

And leaving our personal imprint on this world as a testament to the contribution we made during our brief moment of existence.

Because of all this, I don’t play small.
I refuse to let anyone around me play small either.
I may say shit that upsets you.
I may rub you the wrong way.
I may even fuck up from time to time.

But I promise you one thing… I WILL NOT QUIT!
And if you’re around me, I won’t let you quit either!

I don’t pretend to be something I’m not.

I’m a dude with a VISION and I’m willing to GRIND my life away to see it come to life.

Welcome to my world.

Get ready.

This is just the warm up.

"I'm grateful to have connected with Curtis and have his support on my brand development and TEDx talk.
I found the process Curtis used to be engaging, fun, and most importantly effective. He helped me see different sides of me personally and reflect that individuality through my brand messaging in an authentic way."

-Melissa Drake
"I look up to Dubblup as a leader in the entrepreneurial space.
You gave me words of encouragement and made me see myself as a leader when I was doubting myself."

-David Wheeler
"His ability to catch vision and articulate what I can see in my mind and heart is his soul's gift
Thank you Curtis for your patience and tenacity because of our partnership my dream is now possible on another level that didn’t exist before working with you. You've brought rhythm and harmony to the communication of this project!"

-Brooke Love
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